Progress Report 7/21/15

WELL CRAP!  They say spinning is like riding a bike, but I guess that only can be true for people once they’re off their training wheels.

I played a set July 4th weekend, my “farewell” as my old dj name and didn’t touch the decks again til yesterday. Suddenly, I’m like “what’s beat matching? how do I do it?  why?”  It’s killing me.

I came home from Crazy Day Camp today with a goal of putting in a few hours… played through some familiar mixes to warm up and then started grabbing tunes I don’t know, like I should now and then to both learn my records and improve my cold-mixing skills.


Ok, I found some great stuff I didn’t remember buying (that happens kinda a lot) but damn, my cold mixes are CHILLY AS HELL.  Sneakers in dryer?  Not that bad but damn, I’m not proud of me today.  Stuck with it for about an hour before the inevitable vinyl fatigue hit but I’m not happy with today’s work so far.  It was all “good enough” and that’s not good enough.

Enter caffeine.  Back to work.

Ohhhhh, and a friend wrangled me into doing a tag team with him “regardless of this retirement bullshit” in a few weeks, so I really do gotta get on point again.  He’s someone that, before we were friends, I was a fan of and being asked to tag with him is a huge honor I want to deserve, so really, if you catch me slackin’ set me back to work.


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