I Hate Spinning or: why I’m giving out mixes but not calling them demos

It’s been funny lately, me preaching vinyl like a gospel.  Well THAT’S not the funny party, I’m still doing that.  But talking about my love of it when, dudes, I kinda hate it.

Well, that’s not precisely true either.  I love working on vinyl, the creativity that you are forced to engage in order to be original on vinyl is so exciting, one can’t not love that, but I hate playing for people.  Stage fright, pre-set anxiety, bad time slots, long drives, playing 2x as long with half the records if the next guy is late, equipment that’s not MY favorite instrument, bad monitors, bad sound all together… I’m told I have to deal with it if I want to play the game, and you know what, I guess maybe I can just opt out of the game.

So, here I go taking that temporary retirement and making it, for the foreseeable future, permanent, in regards to live sets with the obvious exclusion of my residency at Strictly Underground (because that’s family, not because it doesn’t also drive me batty).  I will not play your house party, I will not play your prom, I will not play your stadium or 10×10 dive bar.

But I’m not quitting, I’m just not getting on stage and hyperventilating near tears any more.  I’m going to be home, trying to mix records that should never even be found in the same crate, trying techniques that are too stupid to be viable but sometimes just work out, trying things far over my skill level because you never know, and releasing regular mixes as often as I can produce high quality compositions with a distinctive “oh that’s her all right” sound.

And I’ll get my music to more people this way than by being a live dj.  Because I’ve been relegated to opening slots for three years, so sure, I play for 10 people, but they’re not ready for 135bmp banging house yet, they’re not listening.  but I can make 100 or 1000 cd’s and splash the web with a mix.  If you hear me live you get an hour, if you get a cd you get forever.

So yah, I think I’m gonna take the part of vinyl sets I hate out of the equation by taking the sets out of the equation all together and do that for a while until some other fancy crosses my mind.

And you know what, I feel 100 pounds of my shoulders and more creative already.

But PS… anyone have a legit un-cracked copy of Logic they want to donate along with a new computer and ish? =)


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