Hi there, it’s No1AtAll. This blog is here for a lot of reasons. some of them just good old fun, it’s here partially to motivate me to practice my music since I’ll be chronicling the challenge of improvement, but also it’s planned to be used as a platform to “preach the noise” of the old school sounds and styles, to fight back against canned sample pack looped “house” and other, let’s face it, crappy and not-very-creative music.

In order to use this as a platform from which I’ll have a voice that will be heard and more importantly headed, I need to be trusted as an authority on the topic of “rave stuff”; I need to have a HUGE number of regular readers and people following the blog both of which will lend me credibility.

Now not only do comments feed my ego as a writer, I *think* an article with more comments is going to come up higher in a search for a particular term than one with less comments.  And I know people will read a blog for the first time if it has a high number of followers as those are the blogs that are recommended to readers searching for new material.

So after you’ve read and hopefully either enjoyed or learned from an article, please place your comments at the bottom of the page here on wordpress, rather than on facebook.  And please, FOLLOW the blog for the reasons I mentioned and also so you just don’t miss new pieces.





  1. Not only does House need saving from the commercial EDM machine the nightlife scene as a whole. In my thoughts EDM and the Bro scene that follows it has caused the musical world to take a step backwards. #imho

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    • I agree with all except the part about the bros. I’m am PRO BRO. They just need a little ear training if we’re going to reintroduce analog love to the soundscape but these guys are what ravers used to be.. they Learn about the producers and DJ’s, they value and practice good dancing, they may show up looking spiffy but they leave just as shot as the rest because while “our” people are sitting on couches wiggling glowy fingers at each other, the bros are up jackin! And if a girl comes on the floor and throws down hard,they don’t mack, they respect! I’ve had guys in a bro-herd come grab me from across a dancefloor to dance with their group. Their girlfriends don’t seem to like that but I assume they are just cranky because no one told them you don’t wear high heels to go out dancing. GO BRO, PRO BRO, hell I’m an official honorary bro!


    • Agree accept the Bro bit. I’m my region we have what we call Rave Bro’s. They’re the guys that found house in the bar scene and wandered a bit more underground. They dress like bro’s, they talk like bro’s, the are indeed self proclaimed bro’s, but they are also bad-ass PLURtastic ravers, who could stand as role models for many of the kids who self-identify as ravers but have never embraced the meat of the culture.

      A rave bro is interested in the music beyond just accepting what’s fed to him. He learns about the artists producing the tracks, can identify new and old tracks by ear, and often understands and appreciates the art of DJ’ing. Rave bro’s I know value dancing as a skill, they work on their steps between nights out and actively encourage others who show effort or skill on the dance floor with them, including people who do no look or behave anything like them.

      I’m totally a Raver-Classic girl. 25% of the time I’m in phat-pants but even on skinny pants nights (somehow, my dancing works better with my feet visible) I’ve got a baseball-cap with a 15% right side tilt and a backpack… there’s sometimes stickers on my face or, if I know it’s going to be a night of hard dancing, I may be wearing 0 cosmetics; bascially I look as different from a Bro’s female friends as you can get. But pretty much every time I’m near the bro circle and dancing hard, doing work, one of them has broken from the group and come over to me, said something nice either about my steps or at least my effort and invited me to come hang withe them, come dance with them.

      I’m not being hit on. His way-hotter-and-more-age-appropriate date is right there in the circle (though poor things is always in heels!). I’m being included because of dance. We might end up talking later, and we talk about music. I have noted, with a rave-bro in hearing range, how thirsty some rave kid looked and before I could handle it off went the rave-bro to buy the kid a water before he rejoined his group; that’s PLUR in action.

      I’ve even been made an Honorary Bro, a little ritual me and some Bro’s made up that including walking through their circle getting hand-stinging high-fives from everyone. I wear that badge proudly because a Rave-Bro is usually a real connoisseur of rave culture, and a real participant.

      Get to know the Bro’s. Or at least dance with them. If your regions bros are like mine it won’t be long before you’re pro-bro.


    • I totally agreed it’s having a downfall but if you think it’s the “worst” and you mean the worst among the various genres of underground dance music, you’ve clearly been fed the wrong house. Well made house music is wonderful because of it’s apparent simplicity, making it easily accessible for non-house-nerds to dance and sway to and it’s lower layer complexities in which it’s more avid fans who listen closely find unraveling aural stories, revealing a resolution the the question each tune poses at it’s start. House can be fast or slow, but I prefer it at around the same rate as my heart when I’m in hard aerobic exercise, it’s syncopation mimicking a heartbeat… it’s both frantic and womb-like. I’ll admit that new house does seem dull to me, mostly because the noises it’s often built from sound not-organic, but house from the pre-2005 era grabs me and compels me to movement, squeezes joy from me regardless of my preexisting mood, enforces active happiness.

      I’m sorry if you don’t have the same reaction as I do. I hope there’s something out there that does bring you as much simply “happy” as house gives me. What is there, Catman, that brings you that kind of pleasure because it’s probably worth my checking out, with an open mind if I can dig one up.


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