Poll: Preach the Noise asks Which Type of Set You Prefer

Multiple Choice:  Which do you enjoy/derive more satisfaction from, A) a set in a genre that is on your no-fly list but played masterfully by an innovative or super-skilled DJ or B) a set played by a Proficient of Just Good (or even a Not Very Good Dj) in a genre you love with all tunes you would pick for yourself?

Please answer in the comments section below with only A or B and explain if you like.  Please identify yourself as a Working DJ, Bedroom DJ, UDM Listener (underground dance music) or UDM Dancer.

We’re wondering how what one’s role in the tribe effects what they appreciate in a line up.



  1. I prefer to hear a DJ put together a good set that keeps people interested, has some mixing ability and is aware of the crowd both majority and minority. Particularly not there just to entertain themselves. I would generally only pick a Genre i like Deep/ Tech, House or Trance. I DJ regularly on a local radio station providing a continuous mix for Two hours. This does not really pick A or B but is a combination of both. If your going to be a DJ then work hard and remember you are there to entertain.


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