Interviews We’re Working On, Please Check the List and See if We Need Your Input (or your connections)!

1. Long time “Bedroom DJ’s” for an article about why some people prefer to keep their art private.

2. Female and Male DJ’s (bedroom or working), working Go-Go dancers, event promoters (lead event planner, rather than flyer slingers), general event staff, and rave attendees with insight into these topics: a) Privilege in our culture (focusing on gender but we’re interested in racial, ability, and other types of privilege too) and b) Feminism in raving (focusing on the questions of Empowerment vs. Objectification (examples, the sexy styles being worn by younger ravers, and the current trend of hiring provocatively dressed Go-Go dancers) and the question of why less woman than men hold the power roles in our culture (where are all the female dj’s?)).

3. DJ/Artist Headliners.  Yah, I don’t know many personally, do you?  I’m looking for the folks that would normally be interviewed by the larger publications, the ones we have to fly in rather than drive in.  Do you know someone who knows someone who can help me arrange an email interview?  Do you have an event coming up and are willing to ask your artist to spend 10-15 minutes with me for a recorded interview?

4. For an article on substance use harm reduction: People who have in depth knowledge of the concept and practice of harm reduction as it can be applied to rave culture,  Current or past drug users, anywhere from occasional experimenters to hard addicts, ravers who abstain from illegal substances only or also from alcohol either 100% of the time or at events only, People who have personal stories to share concerning negative outcomes from not practicing harm reduction in drug use or stories where harm reduction has unquestionably worked to someone’s benefit.  If you’re not familiar with the concept of harm reduction most simply put it’s a way to say “If you’re going to be stupid, be smart about it” in order to minimize the risks to drug users who will not be swayed to abstain without misleading people into thinking they are safe, just at less risk, if they follow harm reduction protocols.

Please reply in the comments or by email with a) which article you can speak to us about and  b) your online contact info.

Emails should have a subject line of “Interview candidate” and be sent to



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