Raver History Part 2: Waiting There, or Here Are The People You Will Meet in Line

So, you’ve finally not only parked but moved your entire crew away from the car in a group, excluding the moment you had to go back for the polo raver to make him stop spraying himself and rejoin the group.  You’ve EVEN gotten as far as the venue and made it to the back of the line.  CONGRATULATION!  The first of three vital steps of entering the rave is complete.  Your next step is easy-peasy and fun… WAITING IN LINE!

Now let’s talk Rave-Math a moment.  We all know that by definition Rave Math is any arithmatic used by a raver to determine timing or finances between the time they leave until they arrive back to their home; and it ALWAYS fails in some way; by definition Rave Math may only yield incorrect answers.  Now let’s DO some rave math, concerning how much time we left ourselves to get there early to guarantee entree into the rave. Let’s assume this is a standard, regional 1000-2000 size party and you’ve traveled two hours.  Because there was no internet to buy tickets in advance you have to arrive before EVERY SINGLE PERSON beyond the number allowed by capacity… if there’s room for 2000 and numbers 1998-2000 show up just before you, YOU DON’T GET IN!!!  Knowing the capacity of the room and the length of the drive you don’t want to make for nothing you will do one of two things with as a result of Rave Math; you will either arrive twice as early as you needed to or arrive 50% later than the last person who is allowed entry, sorry, you can’t adjust for this, no one can.  It’s just a truth.

Sometimes if you were too late you’d be allowed to wait for someone to go home and take their place in the room but many times you were just sent back to your car for another exciting drive with the crew.  That in mind my crew always figured we needed to arrive 2 hours early to be sure to get in, which means (more Rave Math results) we showed up 1 hour before the party with a line of maybe 100-500 in front of us.  PHEW, we made it.  And THAT was the moment the party started, even if you didn’t realize it.  Because, despite the lack of tunes, the social aspect of rave life was in full action in that line and you’d meet and get to know a lot of people out there every weekend.  And then there the ones you didn’t have to meet to know…. you knew them by site and you met one of each at least in every line.


1. The Guy with the Worst Rave Math.  He showed up 4 hours in advance.  He was there so early he actually  helped move some speakers and had a chance to use the bathroom before he was sent back outside to the line.  He’s in a really good mood because he’s finally not bored now that people are arriving.  The Guy with the Worst Rave Math is always alone, if he rolled with a crew they would have fucked his plans and cost him two hours ironically partially correcting his math.

2.  The Guy Who Gets To the Front of the Line By Claiming to be On the Guest List.  Yah, remember that guy?  Here’s the thing… why did NONE of us realize then that he didn’t have to be up at the front because he could cut into his OWN LINE when doors opened.  The real guest list people were working the line, promoting, or showing up hours later because their spot was reserved… THIS GUY?  He was scamming us and we never knew it.

3. THE Candy Raver.  Not A candy raver, but THE Candy Raver, so enthusiastic that he started handing out candy and toys before the doors even opened.  He’d walk up and down the line introducing himself giving out treats and getting to know EVERYONE.  Even the hardcore kids liked THIS candy raver, how could you not.

4.  The Overzealous Promoter.  This kid (me) didn’t want to wait til the end of the party to do her promoting because she wanted to do more than just hand you a flyer.. she wanted to talk about the event she was promoting, maybe play a little of a mix on a walkman by some of the dj’s playing (swear I’ve done it).  Force you to select between eating a gross pickle and taking a flyers (swear I’ve done it).  Anything for the party!

5. The Kid With Happy Feet.  The moment sound-check starts inside everyone would start a little shoulder  bob,  but Happy Feet, would start a full on dance.  And not stop when the music did… all the time in line, through the doors, through security and the register, and the whole party.  And the after party, and the whole car ride home.  Everyone loved Happy Feet, but no one wanted to drive him home cuz man could that get tiring to watch,

6.  The Crew Who Sucked At Rave Math the Other Way… these guys show up so late that even if they arrive before doors, they’re not getting in the first wave of people.   So, they are scanning the venue and security figuring out how to sneak in.  Half of ’em will pull it off too.

7.  The Girl who Has To  Pee Real Bad.  Nuff said.

I know I’m missing some but my memory is going flat here… who else would you meet in line for a mid 90’s rave?  Comment with your favorite line-folk!



  1. The guy who cares not for the line and walks straight in past guest list and tickets. (Antonio Fernandes on x Mas at the asylum. I was with him for some reason that night and i never forgot it….it was awesome. ) Everyone in line started moaning and groaning and he said” oh wait it’s xmas….I have a present for all of yall.” ( fumbles in pockets and produces two middle fingers. ) everyone laughs and we proceed through the door. It was hilarious. Some of you might call this dick move but he was a much loved staple of the scene at the time. Nobody hated, it was funny.

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    • So here’smy story..I was at a party called Mechanism. My boy was selling LSD aka I ate a five strip of LSD for free (last time I ever did lsd) I was tripping my balls off and got confused in a situation and decided I had to pee. I headed towards the bathroom which was an adventure in itself. When i finally made it, I stood ‘in line’ and proceeded to stare at the sponge painted walls I was leaning on while ‘in line’ when I after what seemed likean eternity, looked around, there was a line of girls behind me and I thought to myself, why am I here again? And was like, oh yeah pee. then looked into the bathroom that had at least 12 stalls… With nobody in any of them….. The bathroom was completley empty! I told the girls behind me and we laughed our asses off!!

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    • You’re opinion is invalid. I do not conform to the wishes of internet bullies. Bring it on, I have nothing better to do (obviously). My blog represents my life as I view it; and my life is pathetic to you that’s fine because it’s meaningful to me.

      In my time in the rave scene I have literally saved several lives, brought wonderful talent to the area that would have otherwise been unheard, and now work to revitalize the sounds I grew up with, because they are too good for the new kids to miss. If that’s a pathetic way to spend my free time, so be it. If you don’t know how I didn’t overdose during the 90’s, during my tenure as THE SOBER RAVER who partied drug free just to provide an example, proof that it was an option, than you don’t know how one overdoses; I suggest you check out drug-forum or blue light and search “overdose”.
      Thank you for bating; I’m sure you had fun because I’m an easy target, my own sincerity rendering my gullible and easily to ire.. Further comments from you will be ignored (after they are deleted of course, unless they become disturbing in which case I’ll just be a massive tattle tale.) because while I’m fine with criticism, I’m not fine with pointless negativity and rudeness.
      Here’s a human to human reminder, internet interactions take place in the REAL LIFE of the person you interact with. Only be as much of a douche as you would in person, if you had to be seen and recognized by your target… be a douche if you’re a douche, but don’t push it because you have a screen name and non-picture to hide behind.
      And finally, if you dislike my blog, simply don’t read my blog. Now go away. NO PLUR FOR YOU.


  2. How about the kid that walked up one side of the line and then down the other asking everyone for a dollar so he could pay to get in. This kid was the couch surfer that went from person to persons couch all summer long.


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