What’s this all about, Who’s talking to me and why?

Hi there, I’m a raver.  I used to be a promoter too, I used to be a DJ who played at shows, but I’m not now, and won’t again for a long time.  I have more important things to do that are going to take a long time, a lot of balls, and more work than I’ve ever put into anything.

This here blog will be my contribution to our culture until my home-work is done. I will document my time holed up in my house, playing records for as many hours as I can stand up so I can become an EXCELLENT DJ.  This will be my journal of how I went from an ok controller dj on synch to becoming one of the best you’ve ever heard (on real records, no less).    It will surely amuse the DJ’s who already know the struggle I’m just stepping in to and educate the folks who have no idea how hard, expensive, life-sucking, energy-eating, and actually completely insane it is to become a working DJ.

And I’ll use this blog to start the teaching and preaching too. First and foremost I will begin my mission to revive old school house, the mission that is the absolute and realest reason I am working so hard to excel at dj’ing.  I’ll wax nostalgic about rave history, something all ravers really should know, talk about the state of our culture and the importance of constant improvement for everyone in a contributing or leadership role.  I have some things to say about the ethical requirements that go along with being an event planner, and some things I think the kids need to  be reminded they have a right to demand in return for their admission fee. I’ve got issue with the quality of talent being booked and the process by which I’ve watched the Good-Enough and Very-Good climb to the highest local potions, which should obviously only be held by the Excellent, causing some confusion about what excellence actually is. (hint: if you have time to make hand hearts or fist pump, you are either not doing the best you can with the music or you’re not knowledgeable enough to know there’s a lot more you can be doing.  I’m a new-jack nobody and even I know there’s almost no time for monkeying around if you’ve got a good mixer. KEEP WORKING, BECOME EXCELLENT)  I’ve got issues with allocation of budgets as I hear the sound quality go down while the decorations get more and more elaborate, and with stage set ups that have trained the kids to all stand facing the stage because it’s so cool looking when they would be better served with nothing to look at but their friends who they are dancing with.  And more…. SO MUCH MORE.

So I need to earn the right to tell everyone above me on the ladder that they are fucking up, and to be heard and believed (and if not believed at least what I say needs doing get done anyway). I need to get above them on the ladder… I need everyone “making it happen” to need me more than I need them.

I’m about to spend several years of my life becoming one of the best at an art that no one cares about any more simply so you will actually listen when I talk to you, believe something is important when I say it is.  You see, there’s some problems in our culture that need addressing and I would like a nice sturdy platform to stand on when I try to say what needs to be said.  I need you to want to help out when I say “This shit needs to stop”.

So I’m done with life as a promoter/DJ; hell every time I played I couldn’t be sure that I wasn’t booked just because I’d post it to facebook a lot and it messed with my head.  I’m done hearing “she’s very good for the amount of time she’s been doing it” or “that was very good for a vinyl set”.  DONE. I’m not a DJ and I’m not a promoter.  For the time being I am No One At All, a blogger, with a lot of things to say and a LOT OF SHIT TO TALK, who doesn’t have to worry about retribution from promoters BECAUSE I’M NOT TRYING TO PLAY AT YOUR PARTY.

I’m not here to do anything but dance to excellent music and to PREACH THE NOISE.



  1. You know I loved your shit already, you got me to dance harder than i had in 5-10 years. On a outside deck in February on 1200s, with no hand warmers…….. Ill listen to you preach, us party kids were supposed to change the fucking world and we didnt do a god damn thing

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